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Found in Books

One of Green Apple’s strangest “collectibles” is not for sale. Years ago, an employee began to collect stray items found in books - photographs, drawings, mash notes, Dear John letters - and preserve them in a scrapbook. What was originally a modest diversion is now a scholastic enterprise, and the found items now claim three enormous albums, and currently asking for a fourth.

(Green Apple’s used buy counter is the busiest in the Bay Area and serves as a unique community hub. We see dozens of customers a day - some from the city and some who travel from further afield - which keeps the front of the main store bustling even on a slow day. Unlike stores that sell only new books, we not only get to see what people are reading as the books head out the door, but also what’s been read (or, in some cases, not read) as it comes back in. It gives us a better sense of the larger trends in reading, which in turn shapes our decisions about what to put on the shelves. We’re a generalist store, so we buy with that in mind, but occasionally we’ll get a chance to acquire a library of books on a niche interest like, say, bullfighting, and we then make room for a section that previously didn’t exist.)

Green Apple Books is minding LARB’s Tumblr this weekend.  For more on LARB’s Naked Bookseller program, go here.

I actually do this too.
I have a couple of photos, some bookmarks and a note

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